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Be On Alert for Water Damage

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Image of pipe leaking behind wall Leaking pipe behind wall caused water damage and mold. Remediated by SERVPRO of South Charlotte.

When most people think of water damage, the mind automatically goes to a flood from outdoor water.  Unfortunately, many water damages are occurring without your knowledge.  Save yourself a huge headache, and possibly a lot of money, by checking the following areas regularly for signs of water intrusions. 

HVAC:  Buildings can experience water damage courtesy of their HVAC system.  While the cooling system is running, humidity is removed from the air and gets drained out of the home.  Unfortunately, many things can go wrong, including clogged drains, that cause water to back up and cause a damage that takes quite a while to be seen.   Check around your HVAC and call a repair service if you see any buildup of water, especially in the pan. 

APPLIANCES:  Appliances in our homes (water heaters, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machine, humidifiers, etc) utilize water and can cause water damages.  Make a habit of checking around these appliances to try to spot small leaks before it gives way or mold occurs. 

PIPES:  I think, everyone has, at some point, reached into the cabinet under the sink to retrieve something and found that everything is wet!  Check under your sinks and around drains regularly to head off a major hassle.  Also, monitor your water and sewer bills for drastic changes in usage.  If there is a siggen huge spike, call the city and / or a plumber to investigate.  Pipe leaks can not only cause large bills, but also issues with your structure and foundation.  With leaking pipes, you reach in under the sink in your bathroom or kitchen and notice that items are all wet or that there is a pool of water. It may be an easy fix like tightening a loose pipe. However, it could mean something more. Pay attention to your water usage and your water bill. If things are not adding up, then you may have other pipe leaks around your home. This can lead to foundation and other structural issues.

GUTTERS:  Believe it or not, some water damages are caused by gutters that are clogged.  Make sure to clean your gutters regularly (especially around leaf season) and inspect for holes or cracks.  Clogged gutters can cause water to actually go to the side and enter the ceiling or wall of your home. 

As you move around your home, keep an eye out for these potential issues.  If you do come across something, SERVPRO of South Charlotte is always here to help!  We can be reached at 704-333-7737.

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