Photo Gallery

Flooding in basement, furniture in standing water

Flooding from a Storm Affects Basement in Charlotte, NC

The picture shows the unfortunate aftermath of a storm that came through, flooding the basement of this home in Charlotte, NC.  The elderly homeowner needed help -- quickly.  SERVPRO of South Charlotte was happy to be of service.  We extracted tons of water, disposed of non-salvageable contents, saved what we could, and finally dried everything out.  

Bright green drying equipment on gray carpet at Nascar Hall of Fame

Water Damage at Nascar Hall of Fame, Charlotte, NC

Let's go SERVPRO!  SERVPRO of South Charlotte goes racing for the dry at the Nascar Hall of Fame.  We've had the honor of providing service for water damages at many of Charlotte's most beloved cultural landmarks.  It truly is an honor.  

Shows burned objects after a home fire

House Fire in Mint Hill, NC

This was merely part of the aftermath of a house fire we cleaned in Mint Hill, NC.  It was a lot of work but SERVPRO of South Charlotte is here to help!

SERVPRO employee extracting water in a commercial building

Water Damage Extraction in Charlotte, NC

What does one do when an important building in their city has a water damage in the middle of the night?  If you're a team member for SERVPRO of South Charlotte, you roll out of bed and go help!

SERVPRO of South Charlotte truck inside Charlotte Convention Center

Flooded Convention Center Dwarfs SERVPRO of South Charlotte Truck

This is one of the most interesting images I've seen.  Look at the sheer size of this convention center in Charlotte, NC.  It makes the our big SERVPRO of South Charlotte box truck look positively small!

Bright green SERVPRO drying equipment in convention center

Water Damage at Convention Center in Charlotte, NC

We hate it when our important Charlotte buildings flood, but love seeing our bright green drying equipment in there!  Keep it local, call SERVPRO of South Charlotte at 704-333-7737.  

Bright green SERVPRO drying equipment in home

Water Damage in Indian Trail, NC

This shows a water damage that SERVPRO of South Charlotte performed drying services for.  Notice the bright green mat on the floor -- part of our specialty drying system used for drying hardwood flooring.  

Black Mold Damage – Charlotte House

Pictured is a close up photo of black mold damage on the wall of a Charlotte home. Black mold can pose health issues for residents of the home, so it is important to have the mold cleaned up and treated by professionals such as SERVPRO of South Charlotte.

Charlotte Liquor Store Suffers a Flood

The large volume of water saturated the wooden roof of this retail store in Charlotte. We set up dehumidifiers with a seal on the damaged ceiling area to draw out excess moisture. It was an unusual storm damage result, but our SERVPRO techs came up with a good solution.

Commercial Building Gets Flooded

The recent storm sent a large amount of groundwater into this lower level office building creating a muddy mess. We used a truck-mounted pumping system to remove the remaining standing water, which was still a high volume before we could start the demo leading to storm damage restoration.

Fire Damage in a Matthew Garage

This photo depicts significant fire damage to this Matthew garage which was fortunately not attached to the house. Our SERVPRO technicians carefully disposed of the non-salvageable items and carted them away according to local codes. We then focused on restoring the garage to its pre-loss condition.

Storm Damage – Charlotte Hotel

Storm damage to this Charlotte hotel was caused by a band of thunderstorms carrying high winds. Several rooms were drenched from roof and window damage which allowed the rains to enter the rooms. We worked around the clock to clean up the water and repaired the damage to the building. The property owner was grateful for the efficiency our crews brought to the project.

Water Damage – South Charlotte Water Detection Equipment

Water Damage at South Charlotte damage sites is not always visible to the naked eye. Pictured here is a TechChek Plus. This device, which is manufactured by the Delmhorst Instrument Company, provides restoration technicians a method to accurately identify the scope of damage to the building components when water damage has entered the picture. It aids in saving time and money. Customers and insurance companies favor those benefits. For the latest methods and equipment to mitigate water damage call SERVPRO of South Charlotte at (704) 333-7737.